Self​-​Titled EP

by The Raffaellas




released 10 March 2011

All tracks written and performed by The Raffaellas:

James Raimondo
Doug Ross
Pat Santamaria
Michael Ratten

Engineered, mixed and mastered at Sing Sing South by Prasheen Naran.

Cover Photography by Igor Termenon and Angela Fernandez



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Caught Up
If my baby left me
I wouldn’t know what to do
I’m lost without you
So come on baby call me
I cannot see this through
Please… my mind’s set on you

You know, you know, you know how I feel
And I can tell you now there’s no appeal
To be falling inside
There’s no need to hide

I don’t know the reason why,
When my love gets caught up over time
What’s that she said? ‘I’m falling for you now’
But I don’t know the reason

So come on baby call me
I cannot see this through
I’m lost without you
And I know that you want me
I know that you do
So please, my mind’s set on you
Track Name: Vienna
I don’t know why you’re the one I’m talking to
“Have some fun”, that’s what you said to me
But you’re not here, I’ll call you on the telephone
My mind is here and you’re not free

You insist that we should be in company
I know you but you don’t know me
So put it down, we’ll call it relativity
But get it right, that’s what I want to see

Baby me meet in Vienna
Find out if you’re for me
Baby see you in Vienna
But I don’t know where I’ll be

You hold your breath; the problem of identity
Remove yourself from who you want to be
Sometimes we’ll talk, sometimes you’ll look the other way
Let me know just what you mean to me
Track Name: Take a Little
I find the time to settle and take a little,
To call each thing rightly is disquieting,
I need to pull away from me

I don’t know how many times
You don’t know how hard I tried.

“Say you’ll stay don’t be kept away
I need a little sympathy”,
When all your moods are split right up in two
I feel a little less than you.

I don’t know how many times
You don’t know how hard I tried.
Track Name: Eros
Don’t tempt me now, you’re playing with my pride
I’m looking for a part of you each time
You’re all wrapped up in who you’re trying to be
You know you can’t fight what you can’t see
Take all that’s left for me to give
There’s no need to rush my dear

We can stay here as long as you want

I know just where you’re coming from
I see just what you want from me
I know just how it’s gonna be
Tell me

When there’s nothing left for me to give
Slow down, it was always your idea
There is nothing I can tell you now
It was more than we could both allow